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12 Monkeys Powerplant

I always liked this photo because it shows why I love powerplants - the scale of the turbine rooms is just incredible. This powerstation is located in one of my favorite mid-atlantic cities and was one of the many abandoned locations used during the filming of the movie 12 Monkeys -(there is a 12 monkey's stencil tag spraypainted on the back of the building.)

This neighborhood is rather rough - 22% of the homes in it are abandoned and 47% of families live below the poverty line. The way we had to get in the morning I took this photo in the spring of 2006 was also pretty rough. This place was welded up tight except for a tiny hole that stood about 10 feet directly over my head. Thanks to the Harm City boys for making this a memorable trip.

info and photos on Forbidden Places:  http://www.forbidden-places.net/urban-exploration-westport-power-plant

Tags: 12 monkeys, baltimore, industrial, md, powerplant
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