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This is i believe the second portrait i ever shot inside an abandoned building. It is from fall 2005. I had owned a camera for about 6 months at this point and had been obsessively exploring for about the last three. I had taken snapshots of friends while exploring and I had done a number of models shoots indoors but this is when i started putting it all together and composing scenes. My earliest models where friends i explored with who i usually volunteered for duty :). The model in the photo is a friend and all around outstanding photog in his own right. He often wore ties to places, which i loved and I thought a photo of him in this building would be perfect. Although the setting looks somewhat like an old hotel this is actually the entrance to the administration building of an asylum. When you come up from the cold dark tunnels and turn the corner this is what you see: all this gorgeous stained wood and marble with the sun streaming down these grand steps right at you. And that is what i sought to capture.

Tags: administration buildings, asylum, people pictures, stairwell
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