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Bonnie's Ballroom

You know, at first when Danvers started to actually come down I wasn't too upset because I had recently discovered Byberry (aka Phildelphia State Hospital) and was then driving down to Philly once or twice a month to run around there at night with the local kids (aka the Byberrians).
I did shoot too many pictures there as most of my time spent was after sunset partaking in shenanigans...But I did make a few trips during the day and got a fair collection of digi and film photos. This photo was shot on film.

When Byberry came down, and fast, I was totally devistated. With Danvers, Byberry, Met, and Noho all gone there really isnt a fun places to meet up with friends and run around at night acting a fool anymore. Its too bad - when everyone was hanging out in person all the time exploring together it felt like there was way less drama that now seems to start online in the forums then carry over into the hobby IRL.

more byberry:
Mott's site: http://www.opacity.us/site10_philadelphia_state_hospital_byberry.htm
photo from Hours of Darkness: http://hoursofdarkness.com/Byberry/Gallery.htm
Chip r Jones' site - papers, artifacts, info, photos: http://www.chiprjones.com/byberry.htm
Byberry on Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_State_Hospital
Robbie Knobbies page w/ info: http://robbieknobbie.tripod.com/byberry.html
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Miki Dijital's photos and the article about the inspector that died there: http://www.dijitalphotography.com/gallery/byberry.html
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