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Bang Bang

 Just something clean and simple for today . This was taken in a Winchester (the rifle company) factory in New England that i believe is in the process of being torn down - I cant remember if they were going to try and reno some of the place or just rebuild on that spot. The building had some interesting areas besides that average looking mill/factory setting such as a indoor firing range for test shooting and some administrative offices complete with employee badges from the early 90s. The places was really large and some buildings were connected to others with those typical suspended breezeways that are always 4 or more stories up, made of metal which looks like the thickness of tin and that sway in the wind and creak and moan as you cross them from one building to the next... And they always have these signs at the entrances that say things like "Not to exceed 200 lb per sq foot" - always reassuring :)

Some photos from Dan Whitham: http://www.flickr.com/photos/idecay/tags/winchester/
The plant offically closed in 2006 and production was moved overseas, there is a website dedicated to the former employees here: http://winchesterremembered.com/default.aspx
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