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Yonkers Power Station

This place is dangerous. I mean most old rotted falling apart buildings are... but this place was much worse than most. The stairs were once grated metal and now simply rusted and just plain missing 90% of the time. To get to higher floors you mostly have to resort to climbing railing that were themselves at best "wiggly". The city wants to renovate this building - Its gigantic structure with its twin smoke stacks is an icon in the area, driving down the edge of the Hudson you can see it for miles. When i saw the architectual renderings of the proposed renovation i almost gagged. I would much prefer a building be renovated when the only other choice is demolishion (stablized ruins is what i'm most in favor for as it preserves the most history and is the prettiest IMO) but really this renovation should be criminal, i'd rather the place be left to crumble into a giant heap. I've since heard that this plan fell thru and the property is back on the market. This photo was taken in the spring of 2006.

More photos and info on the Hudson Valley Ruins site here: http://www.hudsonvalleyruins.org/yasinsac/glenwood/glenwood.html
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