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Piano Man

This house played a significant part in the history of a very old private psych hospital in MA that is still active today. They abandoned this building along with a few others sometime in the early 1990s and left them to rot and be vandalized. A skylight which probably was broken years ago from the elements has been left unrepaired and birds have done alot of damage to the top floor. I was always intrigued by this building but assumed that it was taken well care of so i never did more than drive past it. I heard in the Fall of 2006 that part of the hospital's land was sold to developers and the building would be turned into $300,000+ condos soon so i decided to finally venture in and photograph the inside of it. I was very dissapointed by the state i found it in. This was not a state run asylum but a private facility known for its high level of care and high price tag.

There are a number of passages about the building it in the book "Gracefully Insane"- It was a male ward/dormitory once called the "Harvard Club" as supposedly at one time every male resident inside had a Harvard Degree. One chapter recounts the time Ray Charles was being treated here and living in this very building during his stay, and how he recalled paying the piano in the foyer of the building along with another "cool call that played the trumpet" during his stay - Upon gaining entry and reaching the foyer we saw an old dusty upright pushed against the wall in the corner!

This building is also featured on the cover of Alex Beam's book: "Gracefully Insane: The Rise and Fall of America's Premier Mental Hospital"
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